Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management

Our integrated facility management solutions help you protect all your facilities and get the best value out of them. Our highly professional team of facility management experts and technicians provide you with a wide range of services customized to fit the needs of your facility and your budget. Whether it is one building or a large-scale complex, rest assured that we will provide you with the appropriate and best care needed at the highest professional standards.
Asset Management Solutions

In Saudi Marafiq we help our partners to integrate all asset data into one, validated and reconciled database. To enable tracking equipment, furniture, systems, as well as parts and pieces. Tracking assets by location, department, type and responsible custodian to enhance accountability and avoid lost assets. Navigating locations with BIM (Bring your Metadata to life -3D rendering) and GIS (Geographic Information System-Interactive mapping).

We assess the total costs for maintaining, procuring, replacing, and disposing of your assets, and track maintenance history and collect condition data to prioritize needs and get ahead of problems and preserve High Value Assets. We integrate the roles, classification standards, and data necessary for each phase of the life cycle for a comprehensive strategy, from procurement to disposal.

Logistics Services

We provide shuttle and bus transportation management for our customers in Saudi Arabia using dynamic planning of daily fleet activity. As well as management and tracking of drivers’ daily routes and scheduling.

Soft Service Solutions

Saudi Marafiq provides comprehensive disinfection & sanitization services for offices and all work environments to provide you with a safe environment.
We use the best and up-to-date techniques to get rid of all kinds of disease-causing pathogens. Applying all the precautionary measures as per the guidelines of the Saudi Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Disinfection and Sanitization

We help you enjoy a pest-free facility. We use the latest and high-quality techniques, equipment and products approved by SFDA (Saudi Food & Drug Authority). We effectively get rid of all flying and crawling insects, rodents, troublesome birds, stray animals and all kinds of pests that can be disease carriers or present a distracting nuisance.

Upon request, we can provide guidance on protecting your premises from pests in the future or reduce the exposure.

Pest Control

If you have a space that can be utilized, indoor or outdoor, we can turn it into an oasis of beauty to provide a pleasing soothing environment for your employees and visitors.

Our comprehensive landscaping services range from designing, maintaining and nurturing indoor and outdoor gardens as well as aesthetic green spaces.
You might want green spaces, shaded areas, paths, rock work, water features, decks or anything else in your garden. We help you imagine your garden, create it then maintain it.


At Saudi Marafiq, we understand that clean premises are essential for providing healthy, comfortable work environments that facilitate ease, focus and productivity for employees, clients and visitors.

Our well-trained professional teams provide you with comprehensive cleaning services applying the right material and best practices.
Our services range from all aspects of the interior to the external, starting from housekeeping to waste disposal. That includes floors, walls, carpet, windows and all fixtures.

Cleaning Solutions
Our presentable well-trained and professional hospitality and concierge teams give you the best representation at all times.
We provide hospitality and concierge services to a wide range of residential and commercial properties.
We also bring a premium experience to all your events with our presentable and courteous hospitality services Expert supervision and well-trained teams provide a full service from set-up to cleaning after the event. Including serving hot and cold beverages and other entries, applying the right food hygiene measures.
Hospitality and Concierge
Whether it is an aesthetic pool or used for sports and relaxation we offer a range of services to cover all that is required from planning to maintenance and cleaning.
Plumbing, painting, heating/cooling, landscaping or any other aspect you want to have in your pool.
Swimming Pool Services

Forget about waste and let us take care of it.
Our services extend from sorting and classifying through to collection, transportation, and treatment to disposal. We can handle hazardous material and apply all the safety measures needed in handling, treatment and disposal.

Waste Management Solutions

Hard Service Solutions

Whatever your facility needs, we provide it. We ensure that all your facilities continue to run smoothly for a safe comfortable presentable work environment for you, your employees, tenants and visitors.

Our well-trained teams will apply their know-how, expert skills, the right tools for the best results.
For a wide range of needs ranging from Plumbing, Electricity, setting fixtures, pictures, mirrors, chandeliers to changing locks and carpentry, painting and much more.

General Maintenance
Our mechanical (HVAC), electrical and plumbing (MEP) solutions ensure that your facilities continue to provide safe, healthy and comfortable work environments for all occupants and visitors, as well as efficiently serve industrial and commercial purposes. With the support of the CAFM system (FSI) and the latest version of preventative maintenance software (SFG20) and all the best practices in scheduling, planning and execution, we ensure rapid response as needed to help you sustain the value of your facilities and improve their performance.

Ensure Safety and Wellness:
The safety and well-being of your staff depends on a comprehensive understanding of the risks in your environment. We track risks for campuses, buildings, and materials, and take steps to ensure the well-being of occupants.

Promote Sustainability:
Reducing your ecological footprint means understanding the impact our customer has on the environment and tracking the key processes involved, from energy to waste.

HSE & Security Solutions

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